Nancy Bueti

I search for what is not obvious, what is evolving, changing, ageing, those fleeting moments that can be seized and connected to the universal and to my emotional experiences.

My work stems from direct observation, whether it is landscape, still life or figurative. I am most intrigued by the ephemeral nature of life, and the subtle interactions that happen without much notice.  The relationships we encounter and how they manifest can be revealed through a simple gestural mark. It can mean bringing out the under colour and secondary shapes that are there. 

My landscapes are about finding patterns in chaos but also about discovering the hidden and the unexpected. A subject can catch me by surprise or can be the result of a long study and exploration, before the actual execution of the painting. I purposely design my gardens with paintings in mind, though I do not know exactly what I will paint until I see it. Wandering through a day can bring to my eye a composition or an idea, which makes it important to connect with through my work.

I have developed ways to approach the canvas that makes my work recognizable. I try to balance a controlled execution while valuing spontaneous gesture, being careful not to hold too tightly to a preconceived vision or formulaic approach.  I want to feel a give and take throughout the process that will help my work to continue to grow and change.  I am constantly looking for the beauty of the perfectly imperfect character of life.                           

~ Nancy Bueti-Randall


You can download Nancy's resumé here.

Nancy Bueti (Bueti-Randall) was born a first generation Italian American and raised in Chappaqua, NY.  She currently lives with her husband Paul on the North Shore of Long Island. As long as she can remember, the act of creating has been her center.

Education: Tyler School of Art, Temple University, BFA with majors in painting and ceramics and a minor in art education. Her work is in many private collections throughout the country.

Public Collections Include:
Renaissance Technology, Setauket NY
Laufer Wind Works, New York, NY
Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook, NY
Avalon Park and Preserve, Stony Brook, NY
St. John’s Episcopal Church, South Salem, NY
Honor NYC, NY, NY